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Resources and Referrals We think you'll love what we do!

At Autism Answers you will receive access to services and programs designed to provide solutions, which have been created by people who have gone through the steps to help you today. We hope to be able to make a positive impact on your family by provided answers and helping you to put the pieces together.

By facilitating communication between families, educators, medical professionals, and the general community, we help families to build bridges to schools, faith based organizations, and other public and private entities to promote inclusion, in educational, social, and other group settings. It is our goal to educate the community about the needs of individuals and families affected by autism and in turn raise public awareness and promote community understanding in order to create a community that has an increased ability to meet the needs of those affected by autism.  

Autism Answers of Louisiana offers workshops and presentations on Autism specific topics including educational laws and rights, technology and autism, behavior modification, toilet training, communication skills, peer education, nutrition, and diet, and biomedical treatments. All workshops and presentations are open to families and professionals.

Autism Answers of Louisiana is a point for resource information and referrals. We connect families with community resources including the NOW and Children’s Choice waivers, stipends, legal advocacy groups, and other community referrals and resources. Our resource lists include camps, day programs, therapist, psychologists, inclusive sports teams, and educational opportunity for families.  Our advocates help families to navigate through paperwork for developmental disabilities council, Medicaid, and insurance programs.

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