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Education Advocacy We think you'll love what we do!

At Autism Answers you will receive access to services and programs designed to provide solutions, which have been created by people who have gone through the steps to help you today. We hope to be able to make a positive impact on your family by provided answers and helping you to put the pieces together.

Autism Answers of Louisiana provides educational advocacy and IEP facilitation to families of children with autism. Autism Answers advocates for the fair, respectful treatment and education of all children on the Autism Spectrum. Autism Answers consults with parents about educational laws and regulations including IDEA and 504 accommodations in order to help the parent gain a better understanding of how to get their child’s needs met in both the public and private school sector. Autism Answers has educational advocates that are available to families for school meetings and conferences. Our educational advocates meet with educators to pre-plan for IEPs and other child specific needs to ensure that all needs of the child are being addressed.

Autism Answers of Louisiana provides educational advocacy in the public and private schools located in Tangipahoa, St Tammany, Livingston, St Helena, and Washington Parishes.  Our advocates help parents to prepare for educational meetings by providing them with questions, lists of information to have on hand, and by reviewing previous educational plans and evaluations.

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