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March 24, 2014
Boy with autism has higher IQ than Einstein.

Boy with autism has higher IQ than Einstein.


Boy diagnosed with autism has higher IQ than Einstein; thriving despite failure of public school system


(NaturalNews) When the experts told Kristine Barnett of Indiana that her two-year-old son would probably never be able to read or even tie his shoes due to his severe case of autism, the brave mother of three decided to take matters into her own hands. And as a result, she helped nurture the young boy into the genius he is today, defying all odds and proving that the government-run education system as we currently know it is a complete failure.

In her recent memoir, Kristine recounts how the special education system designed specifically for children like Jacob was actually stunting his growth. Educators continually pulled young Jacob away from the things that interested him, and instead tried to force-feed him through the conventional ringer, which ended up making his autism symptoms worse and forcing him into solitude and silence, completely separate from the outside world. But everything changed when Kristine decided to reject the advice of professionals and even her husband, and instead take an alternative route.

"He was in a very strict therapy program, and he was doing many hours of therapy a week, just working on his lower skills and trying to get them up," explained Kristine during a recent interview with BBC News, noting that Jacob floundered within the conventional education model.

"(But) when he wasn't in therapy, I noticed spectacular things like he would recreate maps all across our floor using Q-tips, and there would be maps of places we've visited and he memorized every street," she added. "He would recite the alphabet forwards and backwards, and learned to speak in about four different languages when he started talking again to me."

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